Gideon Photo 1David Gideon was born in Baton Rouge, LA. He grew up outside of Nashville on a well known spiritual commune called “The Farm”. He graduated from High School in Key West, Florida, the southern most point in the continental united states. He is as southern as they come but without the proper trimmings of a Nashville artist. He has spent time living in the hills of Northern California and even did his time in living in Los Angeles. He started playing music when he was twelve.

“By the time i was fourteen and fifteen i was drumming and singing in a band outside of school and playing in the high school’s Jazz Chorus Band during school hours. My life was music. The first exposure to the life was when i was real young and attended a bunch of Marti Gras festivals in New Orleans, I grew up in Key West around Jimmy Buffet’s entourage as well so between that and fantasy fest it was a pretty wild childhood. Music was always there”

Gideon Photo 2During the early 90’s David Gideon toured with a band called Jahmai which played mostly reggae and world beat music.

“It allowed me to get a feel for touring if nothing else”, says David. “After spending many years DJing in Northern California I eventually started producing my own stuff. After moving to LA and being exposed to a larger market I eventually started mixing up my musical influences and getting into the more folk and country stuff”.

The new album is entitled “Can’t Keep Me Down” and was recorded in New Mexico. The material reflects the surroundings. The album release party is March 29th, 2014 at Little Toad Creek in Silver City, NM. Look for David Gideon on tour with Dallas Burrow on “THE MEDICINE WHEEL TOUR” this spring.